Fastest Half!

21 km 97,5 m long no-altitude Historical Peninsula racecourse of N Kolay İstanbul Half Marathon enables runners attending the race to do their personal best!

8 Thousands Years at 21 km!

A unique experience is waiting for you in the Historical Peninsula, which hosted the world’s oldest civilizations for thousands of years along the racecourse!

The Historical Peninsula Racecourse

It is perfect for 21K run… This race course, which has no altitude difference, offers athletes a unique opportunity to achieve their best. However, this is not the only feature that makes this race course unique: The Historical Peninsula race course, surrounded on one side with the view of the Marmara Sea, the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn, and on the other side with a historical texture dating back to 8,000 years, gives runners no choice but to enjoy the race.

Racecourse Information

The starting point of the Istanbul Half Marathon Racecourse is the LANGA bus stop in front of the Yenikapı rally area in FATIH District. The race, which starts from here, will pass the Galata Bridge along the coastal road, Kennedy Street, Kumkapı, Cankurtaran, Catladıkapı, Sarayburnu, Sirkeci lights, Eminonu and Karakoy direction. The race making a “U” turn from the lights at the end of the bridge will be run from Eminonu, Unkapanı, Cibali, Abdulezelpasa Caddesi, Ayvansaray, Halic Bridge to Yenikapı using the same coastal road in the opposite direction by making a “U” turn from the FATIH District border and will end at the starting point.




Istanbul Half Marathon is one of the best 3 racecourses in Europe!
According to the criteria set by the World Athletics, in 2023, only 9 half marathons in the world and only 3 half marathons in Europe will be run in the Gold Label category.
Istanbul Half Marathon, which deserves to be in this significant category, is shown among the top 3 racecourses in Europe with its unique Historical Peninsula racecourse!
We are proud to be included in the Gold Label category by following the criteria set for road running by the international organization World Athletics!