Charity Run

Charity run is a fundraising method that has been successfully used to support NGOs (non-governmental organizations) all over the world. As well as Istanbul Marathon, which is the most important charity run in our country, Istanbul Half Marathon and Istanbul Virtual Half Marathon have also been included in the charity runs since 2020.

104.459 charity runners have been chasing charity for the projects of 71 NGO in the İyilik Peşinde Koş Platform since March 2008 and collected a total of 106.383.106 TL from 866.267 contributors.

A pioneer in transparency and accountability, Adım Adım made a breakthrough with its IPK (İYİLİK PEŞİNDE KOŞ) PLATFORM, where all donations can be tracked instantly, in this field in Turkey.

The number of registered charity runners of Adım Adım has exceeded 120.000 as of November 2022!

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In 2022

Amount of donations collected in Istanbul Half Marathon 


Number of NGOs that launched a charity run in Istanbul Half Marathon


Number of volunteer runners running in charity run in Istanbul Half Marathon


Istanbul Half Marathon is one of the best 3 racecourses in Europe!

According to the criteria set by the International Association of Athletics Federations, in 2023, only 9 half marathons in the world and only 3 half marathons in Europe will be run in the Gold Label category. The Istanbul Half Marathon, which deserves to be in this important category, is shown among the top 3 racecourses in Europe with its unique Historical Peninsula track!

We are proud to be included in the Gold Label category by following the criteria set for road running by the international organization International Association of Athletics Federations!