N Kolay Istanbul HALF MARATHON

27 Mart 2022



World record in Women’s!

For the first time in history of Turkey, N Kolay 16th Istanbul Half Marathon witnessed a world record set in a road run. Kenya’s Ruth Chepngetich set the women’s world record clocking a time of 1:04:02 and finished the Women’s Category General Classification as first. Ethiopia’s Yalemzerf Yehualaw was the second in the race clocking a time of 1:04:40, while Helen Obiri of Kenya was the third (1:04:51).

N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon was the first race in history where all 3 female athletes on the podium completed the race under 65 minutes.

Race course record set in men’s!

In the Men’s Category General Classification, Kenya’s Kibiwott Kandie set the race course record of the N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon in 59:35.

An organization experienced in running in the pandemic…

The half marathon, which was successfully run in 2020 and 2021 under pandemic measures, set an example for the world athletics community during a period when the races stopped, and instilled confidence in its participants. The event will include a 10K category as well as a skaters category over the Half Marathon distance in 2022.

Having gained experience in organizing races under pandemic conditions, Spor Istanbul is determined not to deprive Istanbul of important sports events in the New Normal Period!

Services Offered within the scope of the Event

  1. Electronic timing
  2. Race Kit (chest number and electronic chip)
  3. Race bag
  4. T-shirt
  5. Medal
  6. Certificate
  7. Water and nutrition stations on the race course
  8. Food package after the race
  9. Photograph service
  10. Free transportation in the vehicles belonging to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (Marmaray is not included)


Race Day Schedule


Entrance to Arena

Give in the Race Bags to Goods Buses

Warm Up

Call to Start

Getting Ready For Start



Race Time Limit

The time limit for 10K runners is 2 hours.

Intermediate Schedule

In the 10K run, the rank of the runners is determined at the 5K and finish points. 

Water and Food Stations

There are food stations every 5 km along the track. There are water and sponge stations in between the food stations. 


Public and portable toilets will be available at various points along the track. The toilet points will be indicated by the directions for easy access of the runners.

Safekeeping Tent

Your personal official race bag will be delivered to you separately in the Half Marathon Fair. Please fill in the information required on the back of your bag number and put it on your bag. Number should be placed on your bag before the race. If you do not deliver bags, please don’t use that number.

Only bags given to athletes by the organizing committee are accepted to the Safekeeping Item Tents; other bags, plastic bags and items are not accepted for security reasons.

Athletes who will deliver their bags to the safekeeping buses must put their bag number in the front section of their bags.

Bags must be delivered to the safekeeping bus/tent before the deadline. The bags not delivered by that time will not be accepted.

There should not be valuable items, money, phone, wallet, etc. in the bags that the participants will give to the safekeeping buses. In case that the bag is lost; the organization, its officials and employees are not responsible.

If the bag is left in a place or a vehicle other than the safekeeping tents/buses, the bag may not be accessible afterwards. In such a case, the organization and its officials will not be held responsible under any circumstances.


Race Bags Security Check

Within the scope of security measures, all bags will be checked by metal detectors by security officers. Please follow the warnings of the staff.


Objection Period

The last day to appeal after the official results are announced is Friday, April 1, 2022.

Applications submitted after the specified date will not be considered.


All runners who complete the race within the 2.00-hour time limit are awarded with a medal at the finish point.

Participants who finish the race after the time limit lose their right for a medal.

Trophies and Awards

Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 winners in the women’s and men’s categories.


Race Kit Distribution

Race kit distribution will be on March 25-26, 2022. Location will be informed later. 

Chip Usage Video

Please click the link for our video about how to attach the chip on your shoes;

Overall ranking rewards (elite athletes) will be awarded based on gun time. All age group and other prizes will be given according to chip measurement times. Your position at the start line, how further back you are from the start line, does not affect your measurement. Your race time starts to be measured on the moment you cross the chip carpet.


Electronic Timing Chip

At the Race Kit Distribution area, all participants who register for the race will be given an Electronic Timing Chip with Recycling feature, that will measure their grades during the race.

Do not forget to wear your chip distributed with the race kits on the day of the race, do not take it out of your shoes during the race. The degrees of the racers running without chips cannot be measured.

We strongly advise you not to exchange your chip with other runners, as your chip is identified by your identification information.

Do not cross the finish line a second time or re-enter any part of the track.

Bib Number

Participants will receive their bib numbers during kit distribution. Your bib number will be determined when you receive your kit.

The bib number you receive is only for you and the N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon organization. Do not copy or replace this number with other participants.

If you give or change your bib number to someone else, your rating will be void as you would have violated the race rules.

CAUTION: Giving/changing bib number with another runner may endanger the health of that person who is not prepared sufficiently for N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon.

In order to leave your bag in the item tent, you need to show your bib number.

Your bib number should be on your chest during the race.

You should wear your bib number in a visible way in order that official photographers of N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon can take your photos and you can access your photographs.

Do not forget to put on the timing chip, which is delivered together with your bib number and measures your running time, before the race.

For quicker response in case of any health problem, please fill in the information requested from you behind your bib number completely.


Registration Periods and Participation Fees
  1. Registration period June 3 – October 11, registration fee is 50 euro.
  2. Registration period October 12 – January 3, registration fee is 60 euro.
  3. Registration period January 4 – March 15, registration fee is 80 euro.

    Registration will be closed if the quota is full before the final registration date.

Registration Cancellation

Since our service processes start from the moment you register, registration cancellation, postponement or refund will not be made; Therefore, you can receive your race bag at the distribution point even if you do not participate the race.

How Do I Register?
    • Those who will run for the first time, visit https://event.spor.istanbul/registration site and fill in the “Register” section.
    • Runners who are already members, fill in the form by logging in with your username and password.
    • Click on the “Register” button under the form you filled in and write your credit card information on the page that will open and complete your payment.
    • Make sure you read the notice, “Congratulations! Your Registration for the Race has been Successfully Completed” on the Registration Inquiry page.


    After your registration, you will not be notified by e-mail or telephone for confirmation.

    The registration process of the participants who read the notice “Congratulations! Your Registration for the Race has been Successfully Completed” at the Registration Inquiry page has been completed.

    The participants who have completed the registration process can make a Kit Appointment on the days and times to be announced via e-mail, www.istanbulyarimaratonu.com and our social media channels and receive their equipment (race kits) they will be use in the race.

Category Change

Category Change” is not possible.

Age Limit

All runners over the age of 16 as of March 27, 2022, can participate in the race.


Health Advice

Be sure to get examined before the race.

Those with respiratory and heart diseases should not participate in the race.

You should participate in the race having enough sleep and as rested.

On the morning of the race, have your breakfast early and avoid alcoholic and acidic drinks.

Make sure to wear your sneakers with socks.

The cream that you will apply to your toes will prevent wounds that may occur after the race.

In case of a health problem that occurs during the race, leave the race and ask for help from the paramedics.

Important Information: 

If you have recently had cold, flu, fever, or if you have vomited or have chest pain, or if you are feeling weak and unwell, do not enter the race. You may face serious risk on race day. In such a case, consider that Istanbul Half Marathon will be held again next year, and choose to participate next year.

Personal Check List

Before the race
– Flight/journey
– Visa/passport
– Hotel/Accommodation
– Money transfer

Event Week
– Check your flight times
– Determine your emergency contacts

The race
– Bib number (attached to the shirt and filled out emergency contact on the back)
– Chip for timekeeping
– Heart rate watch and belt
– Running Shoes (worn for min. 50k)
– Running socks
– Shorts/pants (worn before)
– Shirt (worn before)
– Running gloves (for the colder season)
– Head band
– Sunglasses
-The athlete will enter through the same door as the letter on the bib number
– Old coat/pants/sweatshirt to keep yourself warm at the start
– Enough drinks
– Leaving your race bags to luggage buses  

After the race
– Food and drink
– Shirt
-Receiving your race bag from the luggage bus

Organizational Limitations

N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon is a running organization and it is not allowed to participate in the race with bicycles, motorcycles, skates or any other wheeled or non-wheeled vehicle and any animal. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality organizes different competitions and events for sports done with such vehicles. Participants are required to wear sports clothes suitable for the organization.

All runners who have registered to any category of N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon is strictly prohibited from displaying, bringing to the run area the visuals that represent any brand, association, organization or formation; other than the visuals such as t-shirts, balloons, flags, etc. distributed as giveaways by the sponsor companies. Legal action will be taken against individuals and institutions whose behavior as such is detected.

Is There a Wheelchair Classification?

In our competition, there is no classification of wheelchair in any class.